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Financial Information

NES Partnerships, LLC.™ will do everything possible to keep all costs as low as possible. Please be aware that the expenses for the gestational surrogate are varied.

Our program does not include medical screening, medications or treatment for you, the gestational surrogate or egg donor (if using). Your reproductive endocrinologist (RE) office should be able to provide you with a financial packet. The RE's office will perform insurance pre-authorization to ascertain the intended parent(s) and surrogate's coverage prior to initiation of medical treatment. In our experience, most of the screening and treatment is paid out of pocket by the intended parent.

We make every attempt to find surrogate's with health insurance. However, if the surrogate's policy does not provide coverage once pregnancy occurs, you will be required to purchase a policy for her. Average expense for a successful IVF pregnancy using a gestational surrogate, excluding medical costs, is approximately $80,000 - $120,000.** We will review the financial requirements in detail during your consultation with our agency. Please contact us with your name and email address if you would like a detailed list of estimated fees, costs and expenses forwarded for your review.

** All fees and costs quoted are general, subject to change without notice and not guaranteed. Please discuss your individual situation in detail with a company representative. Thank you!
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