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Agency Services

  • Personal in-depth interview with gestational surrogate and partner.
  • Psychological screening, including MMPI-2, of all surrogates.
  • Review of surrogate's previous medical records.
  • Review of surrogate's health insurance policy.
  • Criminal and Financial Background check of surrogate.
  • Match to a suitable gestational surrogate.
  • Provide information about potential surrogate.
  • Arrange health insurance for surrogate if needed.
  • Arrange term life insurance policy for surrogate.
  • Client referral to experienced legal counsel.
  • Client referral to specialized mental health professionals.
  • Organize and schedule surrogate's medical testing.
  • Organize and schedule surrogate's travel.
  • Organize and schedule surrogate's medical treatment at a local monitoring facility (if necessary).
  • Accompany surrogate to appointments, upon request of intended parent or surrogate.
  • Liaison between client and surrogate.
  • Liaison between reproductive endocrinologist and surrogate.
  • Organize surrogate's legal representation.
  • Schedule surrogate's monthly meetings with mental health professional.
  • Establish an Escrow Account through our agency's attorney in order to coordinate payment of surrogate expenses.
  • Facilitate payment of all invoices resulting from the surrogacy program through the Escrow Account.
  • Supervise reconciliation of all payments made from the Escrow Account and prepare financial statements for each client.
  • Direct the release of escrowed funds according to agreement.
  • Ensure continuous communication with all parties throughout surrogacy arrangement.
** All fees and costs quoted are general, subject to change without notice and not guaranteed. Please discuss your individual situation in detail with a company representative. Thank you!
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