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NES Partnerships, LLC. is an agency with a new perspective on conception. We are the First Gestational Surrogacy Agency in Connecticut.  We provide an opportunity for intended parents and gestational surrogates to develop partnerships through an individualized matching service. By focusing on the expectations of both parties, our pledge is to facilitate a successful and fruitful union. Meeting your needs is our agency's goal throughout the surrogacy commitment.

Our agency was founded by Jessica Harvey, a registered nurse with more than fourteen years of experience in a successful fertility practice.  Patients were seeking the superior services offered by the West Coast Gestational Surrogacy Agencies, which did not exist here on the East Coast.  NES Partnerships, LLC. was created to meet and exceed that need. 

Jessica met Attorney Anita Steenson and her husband Jim Steenson when they were patients at the practice trying to overcome their infertility to start their own family. Many unsuccessful attempts did not lead to a family but it did lead to joining forces to work with Jessica on the formation of NES Partnerships, LLC and assisting many others realize their dreams of having a family.  After years of working together, Jessica made Jim the owner of NES Partnerships, LLC. Attorneys Anita Steenson and her firm, The Reproductive Law Group, LLC., are the Legal Directors of the Agency and are fortunate to be able to still work in close consultation with Jessica.  We offer unrivaled knowledge of the medical, psychological and legal needs of our clients. Our counselors and legal teams are exceptional leaders in the reproductive health field. 

NES Partnerships, LLC. will be your dedicated guide throughout the entire surrogacy journey. We provide all of the prerequisites needed in your pursuit of a family. We arrange and coordinate all aspects of your legal, psychological, educational and medical needs, as well as any scheduled travel. Our wish is to match our clients to gestational surrogates located in the North East so that we may lower expenses and ease the burden of travel for everyone involved. It is important to us that your experience be as effortless as possible. Please allow us to cater to your needs, and create a personalized experience for you, our intended parents and gestational surrogates.

** All fees and costs quoted are general, subject to change without notice and not guaranteed. Please discuss your individual situation in detail with a company representative. Thank you!
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